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We support  LOCAL SOCIAL INNOVATORS  to turn their BOLD IDEAS  into lasting positive change for  PEOPLE & PLACES


Local social innovators are people with home-grown solutions to local problems and the sense of agency and urgency to turn them into action.


an innovator like William ...

Will believes creativity makes places better. With 2000 members, his non-profit local network, Creative Wick, gives equal access and a voice to residents, businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, councillors and others to ensure that Hackney Wick and Fish Island remains a thriving creative community.

Footwork has been supporting Creative Wick since 2019.

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To bridge the gap between people & the place where they live.

Feeling you belong - by being connected to others and able to contribute to what’s going on around you - builds the resilience for communities to thrive. This is a powerful force that is fuelled by people from within, over time and from a strong social base.


We work with local partners to identify individuals and groups with good ideas for strengthening connections between people & with the place around them.

We provide these local social innovators with the funding, support and connections needed to get their project off the ground, or scale it to increase its impact. In this way we also encourage people’s freedom to act and to collaborate, strengthening the connection between people & place.  

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