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“I have seen first-hand the ways in which the system can disempower people and hold them back from living the life they deserve.”

Alice, Founder of Power With

Growing the ‘Power With’ Community

Bristol and UK wide

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Our why
An estimated 280,000 people are experiencing homelessness in England. The system all to often disempowers these people and holds them back from living the life they deserve. Even in a pre-pandemic world, we were connected only in bifurcated pockets, without many liaises between those in power and those impacted by powerful individuals’ decisions.

Our idea
We bring disempowered and often overlooked voices to the heart of policies and decisions. This is critical to the ultimate goal of global, inclusive, and equally-empowered connectivity.

Power With exists to bring people with lived experience of homelessness into
these important conversations by providing them with a seat at the table, paid opportunities, and training. We act as a liaison between our community of experts by experience and potential customers to design better services and policies.

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Alice and her team can strengthen their work to create a community where their lived and learnt experiences, skills, and knowledge support personal and professional development, and help them to work towards ending homelessness together.

Power With

Power With is a community interest company set up to connect lived and learnt experiences of homelessness to create more human solutions.

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