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“An asset based approach to community development, where the existing communities and our outstanding publicly owned green and blue spaces help tackle intergenerational poverty.”

Tim, Project Lead

Public Health Parks Trust

Downham, London

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Our why
Downham has suffered from intergenerational poverty, race and health inequalities and institutional neglect for decades. We have 360 acres of green space which have been underinvested in. Lewisham Council have no strategy on how to maximise the community wealth building potential of these tremendous assets.

Our idea
We are bringing together the community,, Council and other stakeholders to develop a public health parks trust, to act as an investment vehicle so as to maximise the community wealth building impact of our green and blue spaces through a trauma informed approach to land use. Learning visits to other inspirational projects will enable local residents to create ‘action learning circles’ so that they can actively participate in the creation of our vision.

By adopting an asset-based approach aligned with a trauma informed approach to land use our intention is to transform our outstanding green and blue spaces and maximise the participation of Downham's diverse communities in the implementation of the vision.

With Footwork's support ...


Tim will connect and inspire others impacted in Downham - from community members to policy makers - around the Public Health Parks Trust vision, so that Downham residents learn from the wisdom of their natural surroundings and use their collective power to become effective stewards.

Downham & Seven Fields Health Parks Trust Network

Tim Oshodi was previously a Director of the National Communities Resource Centre which trained up to 100 000 people from low income neighbourhoods on how to achieve their vision of regeneration. He Project Manages community self-build schemes and continues to campaign and work passionately for social justice.

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