A small shelter with big impact - Report Publication

Shelter From the Storm (SFTS) is a homeless shelter like no other. It provides a vital service to individuals in need of emergency shelter, including individuals that have ‘no recourse to public funds' and are often unable to access shelters that receive public funding.

Support from Footwork has enabled SFTS to evaluate its model of working and demonstrate its incredible successes to others. Read the final report below.

Conclusion extract:

SFTS provides a quality service that is highly valued by its’ guests. During the stakeholder engagement, several guests told us of lives transformed and all spoke of the warmth, commitment and respect of the staff and volunteers and the quality of the facilities.
Against the backdrop of a shortage of affordable housing and support services for homeless individuals, SFTS achieves meaningful outcomes for a substantial proportion of its clients. In terms of housing alone, around 27% of guests move into a stable ‘own home’ on exit and a further 26% move into temporary/emergency accommodation. Moreover, the support they receive at SFTS leads to significant improvements in mental wellbeing, physical health and can assist with finding and sustaining employment.
These changes hold substantial value for the individual and wider society. The economic analysis found that SFTS generates benefits totalling between £1.99 million and £3.32 million. The cost-benefit ratio is between 1:5.26 and 1:8.77, meaning that every pound of financial spend yields benefits of between £5.26 and £8.77.

Shelter From the Storm Final Report 2022
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