Findings to Fuel Change

Learning from the collaborative practice of selected projects in the Catalogue of Collaborative Change

About Collaborative Change

Collaborative Change was set up in response to COVID-19 as a digital platform to gather, share, celebrate and investigate collaborative working that demonstrates and delivers innovation and human impact.

The pandemic and associated lockdowns have prompted an outpouring of action across the world and a remarkable response to urgent need. At a local level, this included meals for people at risk and emergency accommodation for rough sleepers. On the global landscape, we have witnessed the development of new devices and personal protective equipment (PPE) through unlikely partnerships and a hugely accelerated creation and rollout of a vaccine. At the heart of these responses is successful collaboration, with innovative ideas for multidisciplinary design, development and implementation that cut across the usual red-tape.

We want this to continue. While the past year has upended every aspect of society, it has also been characterised by a spirit of collective efforts. Just as impressive has been the speed at which it has taken place. The shock of the pandemic, reaching into almost every part of the planet, has effected rapid change in response to need.

Collaborative Change was created within two weeks of the first lockdown in the UK to capture these changes in real time. The project examples and data collected through the website record and celebrate remarkable responses to a life-transforming global event.

There are lasting lessons to be learnt from the projects. Recording the impact of these new ways of working and sharing widely is critical in sustaining the behavioural change we have witnessed.

This forms part of the core mission of Collaborative Change, and one that will continue through the living library of the Catalogue. The featured case studies show how effective working together can be to create change. Building on the momentum of these changes must be the way forward.