Our Partner-Up winners are...

Sparking Connections, Creating Change.

We’re delighted to announce that the Partner-Up Fund is supporting two collaborative projects, Fly The Flag and Bruk Up Stigma, that will tackle human rights issues and de-stigmatise mental health conditions through the arts.

Partner-Up received more than 120 applications, representing a huge range of partnerships across different art forms, charities and communities across the UK and internationally, and the judging process was immensely competitive. Thank you to all who submitted such strong partnership projects - we wish you the best of luck in the future.

Fly The Flag

Sparking new conversations between young activists in Belfast and across the UK, and with communities and audiences, about what it means to assemble and protest in positive ways. Ultimately, the aim is to increase awareness, understanding and ultimately protection for universal human rights.

The partners

A bold partnership between Amnesty International, UK theatre company Fuel, and Belfast’s Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC), with young activists from different backgrounds across Belfast and the UK.

Bruk Up Stigma

Bringing young people across these urban and rural locations together through spoken word, urban music and underrepresented dance forms such as Bruk Up, to help them to make new connections, build confidence and break down stigma around mental health.

The partners

An international cross-sector partnership between local mental health services and charities for young people in Nottingham and West Cornwall - Trelya, Nottingham CAMHS Mental Health Support Team and Nottingham Children, Young People and Families Project - with New York dance group Bed-Stuy Veterans, and film producers We The Conspirators.

All about Partner-Up

128 partners projects applied for two £30k pots of funding 432 organisations across 136 UK and 14 international locations Over 30 artforms Successful groups will receive Take Note’s additional Connect programme of partnership support