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“I believe that the way forward for Splott is to allow the community to choose what is best. If the plans are driven by the people around, they will ensure it is kept at its best”

Volunteer, Railway Gardens

Railway Gardens

Splott, Cardiff

meet ...

Hannah, Becca and Julia


Our Why
As well as issues such as food poverty and lack of access to green space, there are long-standing problems in the area around; a lack of community connectedness leading to loneliness and isolation; a devastating loss of local services, opportunities, and activities; a sense that local people are not heard, trusted, or prioritised in decision making. These issues intensified during the covid pandemic and are currently being exacerbated by the cost of living crisis.

Our Idea
Railway Gardens is a new, resident-led, local resilience hub in the heart of the community, designed to support people living in the Splott, Adamsdown and Tremorfa area to develop skills for community cohesion, sustainable living, and wellbeing.

As a project serving all members of the community, Railway Gardens is ideally placed to address this need by offering social and skills development opportunities for all ages, bringing different people and organisations together, offering vital social connection as well as acting as an information hub where people are supported to find out about local services, activities and opportunities in the wider community.

With Footwork's support ...


Becca, Hannah and Julia aim to strengthen their role in making their community more confident, connected, and resourceful; a place where everyone feels valued, heard, and able to contribute.

Green Squirrel

Green Squirrel is a social enterprise offering practical, creative, and inclusive opportunities for individuals and communities to take action on the climate and ecological emergency.

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