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Safeguarding Policy

Footwork Trust (Footwork) tends not to work directly with children or vulnerable adults, however it does provide funding to other organisations that work with these groups that do. 


In general, we expect all organisations applying for funding to have a safeguarding policy in place and all organisations invited to Stage 2 of our application process are asked to submit their policy. We then undertake a thorough assessment of the policy and will only progress projects if they successfully meet our safeguarding criteria. 

On a limited number of occasions, organisations may be invited to submit a Stage 2 proposal without having a safeguarding policy in place (for example, as part of our efforts to remove barriers for organisations who are at a very early stage or not yet registered organisations or charities). Any decision to waive the requirement for a safeguarding policy must be approved by a member of the Footwork Board, and a condition may be placed on the funding requiring the development of a safeguarding policy or approach once funding is in place.

Footwork cannot offer advice on developing a safeguarding policy and procedures as this is a specialist area of expertise. A number of advisors are available, and we recommend that those seeking advice contact the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) who offer a range of information, advice, training and resources for organisations and individuals who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

If an organisation is turned down at proposal stage and there are concerns about safeguarding practice, those concerns will be communicated back to the organisation, signposting which organisations/agencies may be able to help them address the issue.

Footwork Staff

Footwork’s programmes are designed to enable local social innovators to deliver their work in communities. Footwork is not involved, however, with the delivery of projects nor do Footwork staff work directly with children and young people or vulnerable adults as part of their jobs. Footwork staff therefore do not have Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks. There may be occasions when staff from Footwork visit work we fund. During these visits Footwork staff cannot be left in sole charge of children, young people or vulnerable adults and we will refuse to do so if asked. 

If we receive an allegation or identify an issue of concern 

If we receive an allegation in good faith or identify an issue of concern ourselves and believe that children, young people or vulnerable adults may be at risk through a Footwork funded organisation, individual or project we will contact the appropriate authorities.

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