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“Our personal experience as local residents, with a far-reaching network of people living and working in the area, has made it clear that there is a need to reach people in a way that they feel they belong and so they can help shape what’s on offer locally.”

Danie, Co-Founder of Good Shepherd Studios

Reviving the Good Shepherd Building

Waltham Forest, London

meet ...

Jake, Danie and Zak


Our Why
We have witnessed an absence of accessible facilities, activities and events within well-designed and well-run spaces in Leytonstone. The borough has carried out extensive research into the impact of the pandemic on local residents and collated the results from over 11,000 surveys and has made “Our 15-minute neighbourhood” one of its top 5 priorities.

Our Idea
To curate and communicate a programme of accessible creative arts based activities and events for the residents of Leytonstone and surrounding areas in order to encourage integration and collaboration.

Now that we’re in the building and carrying out works on the building, we are ready to commence more in-depth quantitative and qualitative research in order to ensure that resources are allocated so as to generate the desired social impact - and ultimately prove the long-term viability of the building as community run.

With Footwork's support ...


Danie, Zak and Jake will support the local community to see Good Shepherd Studios as the “go to” place to get together and to get their cultural fix and as a result they aim to encourage integration and collaboration whilst combating isolation.

Good Shepherd Studios

Good Shepherd Studios is a social enterprise borne out of a vision to transform The Good
Shepherd Building.

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