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OUR STORY, so far ...

Clare Richards started Footwork in 2016 - as ftwork - to help create thriving communities by ensuring people are at the heart of local decision-making. She wanted to tackle the social injustice she had seen as a documentary filmmaker and the damaging disconnect  between developers and communities that she has since experienced as an architect.

footsteps to date ...

Ftwork campaigned passionately to instil some clear social principles in the development process and planning policy; along the way building a reputation as an independent but critical voice and experienced funder, focused on making communities more resilient and on changing how things are done.


Ftwork has provided funding and support to many individuals, organisations and initiatives, whose social aims have ranged from encouraging collaboration through the arts and addressing homelessness, to youth empowerment and community advocacy.

from then, to today ...

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In 2022, Ftwork rebranded to become Footwork, with official Charity status and a stellar team

It is already in full swing, supporting and connecting a growing community of local social innovators

You can read more about these organisations here - and be inspired.


Footwork - like Ftwork - is funded by Harriet’s Trust, a family trust set up in memory of Harriet Richards.

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