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The Collaboration Guidebook

Take Note’s Collaboration Guidebook was supported by Footwork Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation’s Grants Plus programme.


Why collaborate?

The world is facing multiple, profound challenges - inequality, discrimination, a mental health crisis, a climate crisis. When many minds come together, joined up solutions to these challenges - from grassroots projects to global initiatives - have the potential to transform our collective power to make change.

Collaboration enables partners to diversify their reach and amplify their ambition. The process of working with others shares and democratises knowledge and expertise. And it builds strong foundations for real, long-lasting impact within communities and beyond.

Photo: Extract from The Collaboration Guidebook

What is this guidebook?

This free guidebook is designed as a route map and travel companion through your collaboration journey. Although we talk about organisations and teams, the guidebook can be used by individual innovators, community projects or brand new initiatives. Each tool provides a structure to support you from the spark of a new idea to delivery and evaluating your work together, whether you have worked in partnership many times before, or this is the first time you are working with others.

Want to know more?

Take Note are happy to find a time to speak to you and your team about how the Collaboration Guidebook can help you with a partnership project.

Get in touch with Take Note at or sign up to our Mailing List here to receive updates on our funding and support programmes.

Download PDF • 3.12MB


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