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The Footholds Programme

The Footholds Programme is the additional strategic input on offer to innovators alongside the financial support they receive.

Our goal at Footwork is to build a network of social innovators with the skills, confidence and collaborators to bring about significant change tailored to the needs of their community. We know from experience the cumulative power such initiatives can wield in creating more resilient communities.


Footholds is about ...


... helping innovators strengthen their work ‘behind the scenes’


- strategy, impact, communications, partnerships, fundraising, governance and team development -


and establish the building blocks that will set the innovator and their initiative on the path to long-term success.

Our focus at Footwork is in supporting people and their bold ideas for change.

This is why we offer a range of strategic support as part of our People & Place funding.

The Footholds Programme offers support at crucial points in the development of an idea, helping achieve sustainable success.

2023 Mentors

Drawing on the expertise and input from Footwork’s network of Foothold Mentors, the programme offers innovators approaches and tools that they can use to establish the strongest possible infrastructure for their work and ultimately maximise its sustainability and impact.


More Diverse Voices

More Diverse Voices connects through inclusive communications.


Take Note

Take Note champions the power of collaboration.

Volunteers build a greenhouse together.jpeg

Shared Assets

Shared Assets reimagines what we can do with land, together.


People Powered Retrofit

People Powered Retrofit supports people to retrofit their buildings.

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