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The aim of Footwork’s Partner-Up Fund is to build and sustain strong connections across communities and sectors.  It was created in the belief that when organisations within a community come together to achieve a shared aim, the social impact is increased, the participants are more motivated and the artistic ambition is greater.


First awarded in 2021-22,  Partner Up was designed to build on the momentum and need  for change prompted by COVID-19.

the Partner-Up Fund is a collaboration between ...

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We made available £60,000 in grants, to be divided between the two successful collaborative arts initiatives

Successful groups receive Take Note’s innovative Connect programme of partnership support

An online platform sharing innovative collaborative projects that have social impact


Our Impact

Partner-Up’s support will enable these two ambitious partnership projects to have greater social impact in communities than they would have achieved alone.


It  will build on the current momentum for cross-sector collaboration and demonstrate new ways of working together, now and for the future.

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Partner-Up received more than 120 applications, representing a huge range of partnerships across different art forms, charities and communities across the UK and internationally - evidence of the great work people are doing together.


Thank you to all who submitted such strong partnership projects - we wish you the best of luck in the future.

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Fly the Flag event Belfast 2021 © Charlie Di Placido _ Rhys Warren_edited.jpg

Sparking new conversations between young activists in Belfast and across the UK, and with communities and audiences, about what it means to assemble and protest in positive ways. Ultimately, the aim is to increase awareness, understanding and ultimately protection for universal human rights.

Fly The Flag

the Partners:

A bold partnership between Amnesty International, UK theatre company Fuel, and Belfast’s Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC), with young activists from different backgrounds across Belfast and the UK. 

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Bruk Up Stigma - Jamal Sterrett 4.jpg

Bringing young people across these urban and rural locations together through spoken word, urban music and underrepresented dance forms such as Bruk Up, to help them to make new connections, build confidence and break down stigma around mental health. 

Bruk Up Stigma

the Partners:

An international cross-sector partnership between local mental health services and charities for young people in Nottingham and West Cornwall - Trelya, Nottingham CAMHS Mental Health Support Team and Nottingham Children, Young People and Families Project - with New York dance group Bed-Stuy Veterans, and film producers We The Conspirators. 

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A theatre maker, producer and lecturer at Goldsmith’s University who specialises in participatory arts, devising new work and supporting emerging artists. Gail is on the board of London Arts and Health Forum and was awarded a Clore Fellowship in 2017-18.


An actor (Royal Court, National Theatre of Scotland), writer (Royal Court Theatre Writer's Group, Soho Writers Lab, Lyric Hammersmith) and creative with expertise in digital marketing.


A consultant in heritage, impact, media and learning, and Director of Past Present, a consultancy organisation combining digital innovation, story-telling and visual awareness.

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