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“I have no clue what we are allowed to do in terms of keeping the house warm and stuff, they get so cold in the winter time and you sit with your heating on all day but it doesn’t retain any heat.”

Saltaire Resident

Saltaire Retrofit Reimagined

Saltaire, Bradford

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Our why
A lack of clear direction and guidance on how Saltaire properties can be made more energy efficient while preserving their heritage character is becoming increasingly damaging to my community.

Our idea
A publicly available guide to best practice in retrofitting insulation and other energy efficiency measure to Saltaire properties and ongoing community events to encourage people and local building contractors to make improvements.

To redefine the role of the architect or other professional from passively acting on behalf of individuals or organisations and making submissions to regulatory authorities to actively creating what is required to address a larger social problem and making both the technical and regulatory requirements clear, concise and accessible.

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Andrew will work with his local Saltaire community of residents, landlords, contractors and local authorities to produce clear, accessible guidance on how the listed terraced houses can be made more energy efficient and comfortable to live in.

Above Ground

Above Ground is an architecture and design practice tackling complex problems with a collaborative and creative approach to maximise social and environmental value.

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