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“Our long-term aim is to develop a community co-ownership business model that makes climate change preparedness possible and affordable throughout all London neighbourhoods.”

Arthur, Co-founder of The Village

Piloting ‘The Village’ in Acton

Acton, London

meet ...

Arthur and Lola


Our Why
The world is not ready to cope with the consequences of climate change. Here in London, the loss of community spaces is eroding the community connection needed to facilitate adaptation and inspire change.

Our Idea
The Village aims to be a physical space and community-led movement in London that builds community resilience in the face of the impending climate and ecological emergency and rising income inequality.

We will transform unused buildings into thriving community hubs full of hope,
connection, support and resilience by offering food and beverage and creating a “commons” space for community members, businesses and charities addressing the climate crisis. Focussed on four pillars of resilience (social, environmental, environmental, and mental health) The Village intends to build a blueprint for an equal, sustainable, and regenerative way of living under one roof.

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Arthur, Lola and the Villagers will help the local community thrive, connect and become more resilient, by building collective adaptation so neighbours can come together, rely on each other, learn important skills, and reduce their environmental footprint.

The Village Space

The Village is an initiative set up to create a safe and just space which will build our collective resilience.

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