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“The solutions to the problems faced must be to find ways to build belief– from the ground up and to find ways for the community to take control of assets and become their own landlords!”

Deana, Founder of Coalville CAN

Ground-up Regeneration


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Our why
In its heyday Coalville was a thriving town with cinemas, cafes and dance halls. Now it’s half empty. The high street is mainly owned by people not connected in the area and with no interest in creating a vibrant community. Local people have lost belief in themselves and any hope that positive change can happen.

​​Our idea
We see the solution to be in connecting people and building on their strengths, then in the community taking control of assets and becoming their own landlords. So we are taking on a key town centre space and using it to showcase what can be done. We have our first building which stands proud in the centre of Coalville; and we have one year to purchase the freehold.

The aim is for this building to be a community ownership flagship by the end of 2024. The ground floor will be a thriving creative community hub, the first floor a STEM hub and the top floor a wellbeing and training centre. In short the building will be widely known as a place where they can do what they are passionate about, meet others and make a difference.

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Deana and the CAN’doers will future-proof their building, investing in sustainable energy technology whilst strategising cost-effect models of operating so it remains an accessible, feasible community asset in perpetuity.

Coalville CAN

Coalville CAN is a Community Benefit Society committed to cultivating vibrant, happy and interconnected communities where people are proud to live, work and visit.

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