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“No one knows their place better than local people and by creating a group of animated residents to take action we are leaving a lasting legacy on each street.”

JoJo, Founder of Interwoven Productions

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Our why
We run six neighbourhood projects in Devon, three on estates with notable health inequality and deprivation. The biggest problem on those estates is their disconnection and a sense that agencies are “parachuting” in with prescribed solutions, without true listening. Decades of this has created dependency at one end of the scale and disaffection, even anger, at the other. We seek, through our sustainable, resident-led Squilometre approach, to address this disconnection and distrust.

Our idea
Squilometre is a place-based approach to reviving a sense of community, building on local people’s strengths and potential. Working within a neighbourhood, we concentrate on one street at a time (voted for by residents) and help neighbours come together in positive action and celebration. We support them in creating mini-events and activities, building up to a whole street celebration. Then we move onto the next street, around and around inside the same neighbourhood.

Our vision is for every single resident to receive an invitation to participate in the community in a positive and inclusive way, thereby ensuring sustainable, circular and ongoing activity in that neighbourhood, now and in the future.

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JoJo will prepare to scale her methodology. Including investing in Learning Management Systems to enhance the flow of knowledge across places, ultimately increasing community participation.

Interwoven Productions

Founded by JoJo Sprinks, an ex-archaeologist, in early 2015 after she had spent the best part of a year researching, meditating, theorising on how it would look if you brought elements of the new circular, gift-economies together with socially connected Creative Placemaking.

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