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“We heard from local community members that they had been unable to invest in improving their homes due to the cost-of-living crisis and rising energy bills. Meanwhile we had lots of materials and ready-made items donated by businesses that we were able to offer up for free.”

Sophie, Founder of Yodomo

The Home Makers Project

Hackney, London

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Our why
The cost-of-living crisis is impacting many households in my local community in Hackney.
44% of Hackney residents live in social housing, provided by either the Council or
a social landlord such as a housing association. Many of those living in rented accommodation or social housing do not have the additional income to invest in improving or insulating their homes.

Our idea
To support those low income families or those in social housing through providing materials and items that might support any simple home improvements, improve insulation of their houses and reduce some of their household costs and engaging this community in the making and mending movement.

Through a specific ‘Home Makers’ six month project from January 2023 focusing on how our work can support the community during the cost-of-living crisis, and target businesses to donate items that we believe can really support local households to make their homes as comfortable as possible.

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Sophie will launch The Home Makers Project out of Yodomo’s Circular Hub to support local people impacted by the cost of living crisis, giving them access to unused furnishing textiles that will support the improvement and the insulation of homes, whilst supporting residents in improving their skills in making and mending useful things for their homes.


Yodomo is a social venture set up to increase wellbeing and promote the understanding of reuse of materials by facilitating wider participation in making and crafts.

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