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“Now that we have been gifted this space in kind it will allow us to truly create an identity around a space, and our dream is for our community to feel like our space is a second home to them.”

Turab, Co-founder of Other Cinemas

Space to Create

Brent, London

meet ...

Turab and Arwa


Our why
Brent in Northwest London is the most diverse borough in the country and yet it is chronically underserved when it comes to cultural provision. In a wider perspective, the UK's diverse communities find barriers to represent themselves, tell their own stories and find space as people of colour in the film industry. We believe in the importance of encouraging engagement and removing these barriers to access.

Our idea
Other Cinemas showcase the work of diverse filmmakers through free neighbourhood screenings; and by creating networks for diverse filmmakers to learn and collaborate through a free, year-long, alternative film school. We understand the power of bringing diverse stories to local neighbourhoods and encouraging debate and conversation. These community screenings build a sense of belonging and a connection to a space and neighbourhood which they feel reflects their needs and interests.

We now have access to a permanent space, so our aim is to expand on our work and further serve and involve the wider community. Our dream is for our community to feel like our space is a second home to them – a place where they meet new people, discuss the issues that are important to them and create strong bonds with each other.

With Footwork's support ...


Arwa and Turab aim to co-create a cinema space to make it work better for the community they serve, and to learn more about different ways they can think about space as a way to root and grow their organisation long-term.

Other Cinemas

Other Cinemas is run by Turab Shah and Arwa Aburawa, two filmmakers who saw the need for better ways to make and share films by and for Black and non-white communities in Brent.

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