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AJ Press: Architect in the community

The current issue of the Architects Journal takes activism as its thread and looks at innovative ways of practising.

Footwork, being an architect-led charity, is the focus of the news feature focusing on two of our People and Place grant recipients – both architects.

Andrew Gardner in Saltaire has ambitions for the mass retrofit of listed homes in Yorkshire, to protect them in the face of climate change.

"We need a new model… One that can be rolled out fast and cost-effectively while also ensuring that retrofitting advice is tailored to specific neighbourhoods and [different] types of properties." - Andrew Gardner, Saltaire Retrofit Reimagined

AJ News Editor, Richard Waite, visited Andrew in Saltaire to find out more about his ambitions for Saltaire Retrofit Reimagined and the work he is doing to provide advice and support to the local community. The article has prompted some interesting discussion about the particular problems of retrofitting listed buildings.

“This is a really important initiative… It is a thoroughly difficult problem to solve but I like Andrew’s proposal to find out the real priorities. It is no use pretending that all energy problems can be solved, as with a new building, while preserving our heritage.” - Oliver Richards, Founder + Director, Orms

Read the full interview below, or find it online here.

Architect in the community_ How do you mass-retrofit listed homes_ (3)
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