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Celebrating one year of People and Place!

Last week, we were delighted to welcome those of you who were able - friends old and new - to celebrate a whole year of People & Place with us.

The Footwork Factory was buzzing with inquisitive minds, hailing from the social innovation, funding, development and local government sectors, eager to explore ideas inspired by our first year of People and Place.

Local social innovator (and People & Place 2023 member) Danie Gilbert led the room in discussing what the essential ingredients are to enable local social innovation. Exploring this with her were special guests Azzees Minott, Amandeep Kalra and Martha Mackenzie. Here are some key moments from our panellists:

“Change should be led by the communities being affected. If you're enabling those people who are changing their own lives, you are also building the base of power that can win systemic change, and we just don't really see that supported across the Social Justice Funding landscape”. - Martha Mackenzie, Civic Power Fund

“It’s about inclusive spaces to bring people together of different backgrounds, and crucially, of cognitive diversity. It can be a building, a park, a WhatsApp group, or even just playing Call of Duty. But that alone is not enough - all spaces need a champion that can bring people together to have that conversation.” - Amandeep Singh Kalra, BeFirst

“I was so frustrated with the lack of change, why did we still have structures that propped up these inequalities? I realised that you can hate something so much, that it invigorates you to go in, do something about it and make the change from within” - Azzees Minott, 2-3 Degrees

The Footwork factory was also transformed into an exhibition space, showcasing, in photos and film, the stories of our People & Place 2023 social innovators, several of whom had been able to join us. Don’t fret if you missed out, check out our online exhibition and film here.

“Welcoming, kind and genuinely inspirational evening last night celebrating Footwork People & Place programme supporting community projects and social innovation” - Event attendee
"Great event earlier this week - an especially strong and thoughtful set of panelists!" - Event attendee
"As always, it was a wonderfully comforting evening with friends and acquaintances! Comforting to see so many people working so closely with communities. The evening provided for much to agree with, and much to disagree with. A mark - in my books - of an evening well spent." - Event attendee


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