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Launch of the 2023 Insights Group

Welcoming Footwork's 2023 Insights Group!

“Having experienced what it’s like to live in the margins of society and seeing how the infrastructures that existed supported my family so that we were able to live a meaningful life, set the backbone of how I became a social innovator and began to support other social innovators like me”

Footwork believes the best solutions to our toughest social & environmental problems cannot be achieved alone. In order to elicit the best kind of change we need to listen, learn and collaborate with those who understand what it takes to deliver this change.

This is why we have convened a group of individuals with first-hand experience of local social innovation, community funding, and place-making to help us plan a new funding pot for local social innovators in 2023.

We have called this an Insights Group because we know this deep local knowledge and experience are so important in identifying and supporting people who do the difficult job of bringing about change in their communities.

Together we will be taking a deep dive into what it means to be a social innovator, and what Footwork’s 2023 fund needs to offer to be able to support local social innovators to turn their bold ideas into lasting positive change for people and places.

“The beneficiaries of what social innovators try to achieve are often marginalised individuals and/or communities, and that makes it really powerful and pertinent that we support those social innovators to be able to do that work”

In March we saw the group come together for the first time, marking the beginning of an explorative period ahead to be curious, listen deeply, learn together, and challenge the status quo.

Watch this space!

Footwork's 2023 Insights Group (from top left to right)

Danie Gilbert

Suraya Miah

Hani Salih

Dan Wainwright

Juliet Can

Stephen Miller

Susie Finlayson

Stephanie Edwards

Raja Moussaoui


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