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“There were all these extraordinary innovations that sprang up during lockdowns where people just got together to make things happen. It was so important to record and learn from them”

Clare Richards & Lara Kinneir

Creative Wick

Collaborative Change

In response to COVID-19, this is a platform to gather, share, celebrate and investigate collaborative working that demonstrates and delivers innovation and social impact.

Lock-downs across the world have prompted an outpouring of action and a remarkable response to urgent need – from meals for people at risk to emergency accommodation for rough sleepers. At the heart of the response is successful collaboration, with innovative ideas for multidisciplinary working, delivery methods and means of communication cutting across the usual red-tape. The pandemic, common to all areas of the globe, has created rapid change that will feature in the history books.

What did we fund?

Co-founded by Clare Richards and Lara Kinneir at the London School of Architecture, working in collaboration with The Future Fox, Footwork provided the start-up funding, followed by strategic periods of further development funding. This has included research funding that allowed for Lara to produce a paper to further understand the nature and impact of key collaborative projects on the site. See the report here.

What value did we see in this project?

Footwork and its collaborators shared the belief in the opportunity and importance of learning from - and sustaining - the active collaborative spirit that many have felt and valued during the pandemic. We also saw the potential of a global digital platform like this to communicate and grow a network of knowledge about collaborative ways of working and to spread best practice.

What impact has our support had?

The examples and data collected through Collaborative Change are providing a growing digital catalogue, accessible to all. It records and celebrates not just the remarkable local responses to a life-transforming global even, but many other collaborative projects – continuing to inspire and prompt further and lasting action. Recording the impact of these new, collaborative ways of working is critical in sustaining social change.

Add your project to Collaborative Change

Wherever you are and whatever your field of work or interest , please submit your active examples of successful collaboration.

These can be physical, practical, virtual; they can involve new or existing relationships, networks and ways of working, within and between communities, industries or across sectors.

There are just two essential ingredients: they must be collaborations and have an identifiable social impact.

The world needs to learn from your successful examples. Join the movement for change by adding your project to the catalogue and participating in the platform.

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