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"Being funded by Footwork has been transformative; it has enabled Take Note to grow from the seed of an idea and germinate into a fully-fledged social impact initiative."

Marianna Hay & EMily Webb, Co-founders of Take Note

Creative Wick

Take Note

An initiative advocating for collaborative best practice, to spark and support extraordinary artistic partnerships between unlikely allies to deliver real, long-lasting change.

Take Note works together with arts organisations, funders and local communities to achieve the greatest possible collective impact. They take an action research approach, offering a unique methodology of wraparound strategic support and full funding to enable extraordinary community arts partnership projects. In doing so, they are building a body of evidence to make the case for the benefit and impact of working with others in partnership. And they’re working with strategic partners and network lead organisations to share their approach and embed their collaborative framework and tools across the arts sector and beyond for sustained long-term impact.

What did we fund?

Footwork collaborated in the setting-up of Take Note, providing the project with initial and continuing funds. This enabled Take Note first to deliver three rounds of their ‘Connect’ action research funding and support to partnership projects in Gloucester and Lowestoft. Footwork then partnered with Take Note and another Footwork initiative, Collaborative Change, to run the Partner-Up Fund, which is supporting two highly ambitious arts-for-social-change collaborations between unlikely allies from across sectors, based in Belfast, Nottingham and Cornwall and with partners in the UK and internationally. Take Note projects are now also being supported by other funders, so reducing Footwork’s contribution over time.

What value did we see in this project?

Like all of the projects we fund, Take Note places great emphasis on the value of collaborative working. We understand both the huge potential of collaboration, and the real challenges faced by social change organisations in achieving it effectively and for maximum impact. So Take Note’s approach to supporting projects in communities, and to amplifying the work they’re doing through partner funders and network organisations to achieve scale, has a clear social and strategic impact that aligns with Footwork’s own values and goals. Using methodology developed by Take Note, we are also developing Footwork’s own approach to supporting our local social innovators with collaborative best practice at its heart.

What impact has our support had?

Our funding, alongside others, has helped to support 3 new partnership projects in Gloucester and Lowestoft; 16 cross-sector partnerships supported by Take Note (including arts organisations, NHS, refugee support agencies and the Police); enabled 397 participants to take part in ambitious, inclusive community projects; reached 30,000+ audience members engaging with performances and exhibitions in person and digitally; empowered Take Note to pivot during the first COVID-19 lockdowns to deliver 5 coronavirus-response strategic support packages with arts organisations; enabled the publication of an external report from New Philanthropy Capital demonstrating the impact of collaboration and Take Note’s programme; and supported the creation of their Power of Collaboration Film. With all of this incredible work to show, our support has also enabled Take Note to leverage funding from other mainstream sources.

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