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Innovator Spotlight: Alice and Emily

Alongside the financial support our People & Place innovators receive, Footwork also draws on expertise and input from a pool of mentors to help innovators establish the building blocks that will set them and their initiative on the path to long-term success. Read more about how we support local social innovators.

Emily, founder of the inclusive communication consultancy More Diverse Voices, has been working with Alice to create a clear and achievable marketing strategy for Power With, as well as helping to utilise various platforms to best support their aims.

Photo: Alice, Emily and the wider Power With community at a workshop in the Footwork Factory

“Emily was really good at helping me understand what goals to focus on, it was super handy having someone coach me and set goals.” - Alice

Together, alongside the wider Power With team, Emily and Alice explored different parts of Power With’s strategy and the relevant experiences, skills and time available for community members to support. They co-designed a communications strategy document with actionable recommendations which Alice has since used to complete content for the Power With website. Alice and her team have also been able to revisit and update Power With’s vision and mission statements to better fit their current way of working and use this to work toward future funding bids.

“I enjoyed and appreciated the freedom. It felt like “we trust you to both be able to get on with what you need to do because you’re both experts” - Emily

What’s next for Alice?

Having worked with Emily to update the Power With website and solidify the Power With message, Alice and her team are now focussing their efforts on fundraising to be able to continue their work in creating an equitable world founded on connection and empathy.

“The fact that Footwork was open to me introducing them to a mentor was brilliant though, as it meant I could work with someone I trusted and who I knew already understood my organisation” - Alice


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