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Innovator Spotlight: Arthur, Lola and Marianna

Alongside the financial support our People & Place innovators receive, Footwork also draws on expertise and input from a pool of mentors to help innovators establish the building blocks that will set them and their initiative on the path to long-term success. Read more about how we support local social innovators.

Marianna, co-founder of Take Note has been supporting Arthur and Lola in increasing the clarity of The Village’s vision and how to articulate it. Together they have been creating an evaluation framework to help demonstrate the value of The Village.

Photo: Arthur, Lola and Marianna at a workshop in the Footwork Factory

“Marianna was instrumental in helping us redefine what The Village is and how we get there” - Lola

By the end of their work together, Arthur, Lola and Marianna produced a theory of change for The Village, which included a newly articulated vision and mission statement that was developed and agreed upon by The Village founders. They also worked with the wider The Village team to develop an elevator pitch, providing a short and dynamic description of their work to be used in future pitches and presentations.

“Even if you have less specific subject knowledge of the area of the innovator’s work this can actually be quite useful as it allows you to see the bigger picture, take a step back from the detail and help the innovators move at pace through the process” - Marianna

What’s next for Arthur and Lola?

The Village was recently selected as part of the 3rd cohort of the Design Councils 'Design, Differently' programme where they will be supported to use design skills to solve local challenges and issues as a result of the wider effects of climate change.

“This programme has made us question the essence of the project (what actual change we want to see happening and how to get there) and redefine who we are as an organisation - a space operator for circular economies to flourish” - Lola


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