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Innovator Spotlight: Danie and Tom

Alongside the financial support our People & Place innovators receive, Footwork also draws on expertise and input from a pool of mentors to help innovators establish the building blocks that will set them and their initiative on the path to long-term success. Read more about how we support local social innovators.

Tom, Consultancy Coordinator for Shared Assets, has been supporting Danie in understanding the funding, strategic and practical opportunities available to Good Shepherd Studios to assist in retaining their building beyond its current 5-year meanwhile lease term. They have also been working together to set out a strategic plan to ensure the success of Good Shepherd Studios in the future.

Photo: Danie, Jake and Tom at a workshop at Good Shepherd Studios

“I felt the level of involvement was spot on and I was given ample opportunity to consider alternatives if I felt that way inclined” - Danie

Tom delivered an interactive workshop on funding with Danie and members of the wider Good Shepherds Studios team, where they were coached through the different types of funding options available to them. Together, they also identified steps to obtaining a more secure lease of the property including relationship building with council officers, and steps to showing commitment to improving the current building and managing other nearby sites.

“What I learnt about myself is that I can add small pieces of knowledge to my knowledge base each time a support a group with stuff I already know” - Tom

What’s next for Danie?

Good Shepherd Studios recently opened the doors to their building at their first Open Studios day, where members ran various workshops for all to enjoy. They are continuing to host events and workshops in the space as well as working towards extending their lease.

“This whole programme has been so enjoyable and informative. We are extremely grateful for the time and effort both from Footwork and our mentors in providing the support. We were always determined to achieve certain things but the programme has helped focus and energise that determination so thank you!” - Danie


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